What is hunt.io?

Hunt.io is a service that provides threat intelligence data about observed network scanning and cyberattacks. This data is collected by a worldwide distributed network of sensors. All interactions with sensors are registered, analyzed, and used to create network host profiles.


Who needs hunt.io?

Two categories of users may benefit most from Hunt:


Security researchers

Hunt enables security researchers to detect and analyze potential threats within a network or research environment. It provides proactive threat hunting data and the ability to track malicious infrastructure, empowering researchers to identify and understand emerging threats.


Cyber threat hunters

Threat hunters use Hunt to proactively search for and detect potential cyber threats within an organization’s network. Leveraging the platform’s advanced analytics, threat intelligence feeds and a comprehensive UI enables them to identify suspicious patterns, and indicators of compromise and investigate and respond to threats before they cause significant damage.

Meet the team


Chris Ueland

CEO & Co-Founder


Courtney Couch

CTO & Co-Founder


Fred Madarshahian



Kris Lopez

Chief of Staff

If you have a case where you need access to more data, please contact us.